Afternoon Pick Me Up


If we ever met in real life I'd advise you to avoid me from the hours of 3pm-6pm. These are my sass hours. It's more or less my witching hour where sass is oozing out of my pores and I begin to lose focus in whatever I'm doing. Extensive (not really) research concludes that the only thing that cures this afternoon witching hour is caffeine.

As of late my favorite afternoon pick me up is Bigelow's Vanilla Chai. Super yummy with a bit of sweetener and some milk.  

Seriously, go try it. I mean it even smells amazing.

Sincerely, Emily.

P.S. sorry this post went up a tad late! Oops!


Icy Lilac


Like I've said in past I am quite the nail polish connoisseur. Something about having pretty colors to look at all day lifts my mood. Side note: I'm also a huge nail picker and polish stops me from doing that (bonus points!) 

The one I'm currently wearing is a bit different for me. Normally I steer clear of the frosty shades in favor of more creamy finishes. BUT, this color. This color is lovely and my infatuation with it rivals my infatuation with news dreamboat Brain Williams (What? I don't know).

Nail Color: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xreme Wear Polish in Pink Satin. 

'Til next time.

Sincerely, Emily. 

Sunday Staples

Confession: I'm currently writing this post under the covers on my phone. I had another post planned but some how Sunday slipped past me with more stealth than the news that Ryan Gosling impregnanted a woman who's not me (just kidding, I'm not that upset about the Gos...kinda) and right now I feel quite ill from dinner. The lesson in the horribly long winded story is do not procrastinate. Also, don't write a blog post when you are pretty sure the food baby inside of you is trying to kill you. 

Alright, now on to the meat of this post. Today I wanted to talk about staples, more specifically nail staples. I'm an avid nail polish wearer and though I change the color often I rarely change my top and base polishes. Together this duo create an awesome manicure that dries relatively fast and lasts for a good amount of time.

Top Coat: Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Top Coat

Base Coat: Revlon Colorstay Gel Smooth Base Coat 

Thank you for putting up with my sick rambles and procrastination woes. See you Tuesday!

Sincerely, Emily. 

Friday Five No. 002

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Happy Friday! Here are five things from my week:

1. A furry companion that I'm lucky enough to hang out with for two weeks.

2. Nice colors in a very large bathroom. 

3. The new K.Flay album.

4. New hand lettering!

5. & last but not least a new favorite tea for my afternoon pick me up. 

See you Sunday with a new post!

Sincerely, Emily. 

Summer Uniform No. 001

Today's post is about clothes. More specially, some items that I wear so often that they earn the title of uniform. This summer I've been wearing a rather oversized j. crew tee that I also wear to bed because of its comfort levels (no shame). For bottoms I've been living in high waisted levi's 501 shorts thrifted and cut-off by yours truly.  I'm a big fan of high waisted anything as I think they are rather comfy and flattering. 501's are my favorite do to their fool proof buttons. I have made the mistake of leaving down one too many zippers on high waisted pants, not fun. 

The illustration above was drawn my me a couple of months ago for a zine I made with my art life partner Danielle.

Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday!

Sincerely, Emily.

Art Bag Staples

Having a well stocked art bag always gets me in the creative mind set and whenever I can I will try to take this bag of necessities with me. It may sound ridiculous but you never know when inspiration (or productivity) might strike! My main art bag is one that that I bought at forever 21 about 6 months ago. It's actually a makeup bag but I find that it is the perfect size to store everything and on top of that it's all plastic and can be easily wiped down in case of a graphite or charcoal explosion. 

So what items do I need in my art bag currently?

1. A BIC Velocity Mechanical Pencil (9 pt): I'm a fan of thicker pencils and this one takes the cake. I always go back to this one.

2. A Pental Pocket Brush Pen: This is a decent brush pen. It's actually a brush tip (bristles and all). Best of all it's refillable so the pen itself has good longevity. 

3.  A Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser: My favorite eraser for taking out larger areas. 

4. A Bone Folder: Not sure of its brand as I have had this one for a long time but it is a necessity for folding anything.

5. A UHU Glue Stick: As far as glue sticks go UHU is bomb. 

6. Olfa Stainless Steel Knife (30 degree blade): I prefer Olfas over Exactos because the break off blades give you more bank for your buck and it is a lot more convenient to snap off a blade then go searching for a replacement for your Exacto. As far as Olfas go I prefer the stainless steel ones to the yellow plastic ones. They are slimmer and feel nicer in your hand which gives you a more precise cut. 

7. Pins: I've been doing a lot more experimentation with fibers lately so pins have been a recent addition to the bag (don't worry, I keep them in a tiny plastic box not running loose).

8. BONUS! A small self-healing cutting mat: This doesn't fit in the bag but I often like to keep it with the bag. I loathe cutting on anything but a self-healing mat. 

Sincerely, Emily.

Current Makeup Favorites No. 001


Confession: I love make up. There is something utterly fun about adding color and cat eyes to your face. Frankly, I find it to be one of the best creative outlets. Since this is my own personal slice of the interest I thought that I would share a few bits that I've been loving as of late.

1. Coty Airspun Powder: My favorite powder and a must to set make up on hot "my make up is leaking off my face" summer days (bonus its vintage packaging is amazing).

2. Benefit's Hoola Bronzer: It's matte and not too dark. So go ahead girl contour yo' face.

3. Jordana Fabuliner: Silly name for a seriously good liner. Its pen tip is so easy to use and bonus it's only a couple of dollars.

4. Sonia Kashuk's Eye on Neutral matte/shimmer palette: To be honest some of the mattes in this palette are sub par but the shimmer shades are seriously beautiful. 

Hope you are having a lovely day.

Sincerely, Emily.